The Under the Influence speaker series kicked off the year with an exclusive screening of Design Disruptors at the amazing Plaza Theater.

The first Under the Influence to be hosted by our Atlanta office, the movie really tapped into the essence of what iris is about. As an agency we challenge ourselves daily to disrupt our consumer’s lives on behalf of our clients. Design Disruptors delves into how design leaders approach the task with some of the world’s biggest companies; Google, Facebook, Twitter, AirBnB and Netflix to name a few.

The movie shares stories from these remarkable brands, revealing what it takes to be a disruptor and what approach creatives should take to achieve it.

One example that stuck with many who attended the event was Facebook’s “2G Tuesday.” A weekly occurrence that forces Facebook employees to experience the same Internet speed as users in emerging markets. Helping their creatives ensure that they design for everyone. This and other tactics discussed in the movie are invaluable for those looking to disrupt and use, what are sometimes simple tools, to stand out and create a difference in their product.

As of this year, Under the Influence will rotate quarterly between our three US offices. In the next installment ­– which will take place in Chicago – we explore the world of horror and the importance of failure on the road to success.

Keep an eye out for our invite and stay curious!