Under the Influence had its first event in Chicago last week as we were joined by author, screenwriter, TV producer, and horror expert extraordinaire, Adam Rockoff.

No stranger to success, and a well-known name in the horror industry today, Adam spent part of his presentation talking about the failures and setbacks that he’s experienced throughout his professional career and how he grew and used those situations to his advantage.

Though he is not part of the advertising world, Adam’s experience within his creative field translated perfectly to our industry. His account of the creative process of his book-turned-film – Wicked Lake – illustrates how a person’s vision can be lost in translation throughout the creative process. What might be a great idea can fail in execution, and vice versa.

As mentioned in our previous post, Under the Influence will rotate quarterly between our three US offices as of this year.

Our next installment will be hosted in New York on March 16th! Keep an eye out for our invite and stay curious!

Click here if you’d like to see more pictures from the event!